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Saturday, 30 June 2012

yummy cupcakes haha not!

I was going to say with a cherry on top, but actually they had sprinkles (chocolate and hundreds and thousands). Tishy and I had some fun, well mostly Tishy, I didn't get much of a look in if I'm truthful.
So no pictures of the cupcakes, can you guess why, can you???
I came back to the kitchen after spending the best part of an hour in the utility room sorting washing, hanging it up, folding, putting away, you know the drill, boring!! but has to be done 'the washing fairy was here' written in softener across the white walls. lol.xx
So bet you guessed eh?  Not a cakey in sight.  Now I know that I have lost almost a stone in weight through not eating too many bad things etc etc.  But they had only left me crumbs :(:(
So so sad. Hxx

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Sandra H said...

Just brilliant Heidi:)x