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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Blogger issues

This last few days I have had considerable troubles commenting, along with a lot of other bloggers I know.

The quick fix for your own blog is to go to the settings tab in your dashboard
Click on Comments
then go to Comment Placement -

You will nead to untick the button next to Embedded Comments and select 'Pop Up' instead.

This will not help you see anyone elses comments but it does mean that visitors to your blog will be able to comment. For how long is anyones guess, probably just until  blogger changes some more lines of coding!!

Hopefully they will fix this, perhaps by only allowing pop up comment boxes in the settings. hehe. Think that might be too easy!!

Hugs to you all. Heidi xx

ps Alison has posted about this on her blog too! So pass the word around

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Thank you Heidi for letting us know there has been lots of trouble and l too had this trouble:) Sandra H