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Wednesday, 14 March 2012


my cheeky monkies looking up through the hole in my ceiling
so many broken very old slates, slice your fingers to shreddies.
nearly there
nearly there, have you ever had deja vu
Jasmine also took some great pictures of the sunset on sunday, she was the official photographer as I didn't want her to do too much as you can probably imagine. Having said that we couldn't have done it without her and she and I are going for a mummy and daughter day out soon as a thank you.
yes it was dark by the time we finished at 8pm!
Will pop another picture on soon of the large green tarpaulin that is adorning our house.
hugs to you all
heidi x


brenda said...

That's some hole Heidi !!

I admire your dedication to keeping working away all weekend, renovating can be a thankless job, but fabulous when your finished, I speak from experience.

B x

jenny said...

Cant believe you managed all that in just one weekend Heidi!!!

Jenny x