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Monday, 8 November 2010

EEk Almost a week without a post

Well this has been one busy week, preparations for son's 6th birthday, hubby working real long hours, kiddies going in every direction, and not much crafting accomplished. Plus of course bonfire and fireworks weekend! Having said that I have almost finished an 8 x 8 New Baby Girl Scrapbook for a friend of mine, hope she likes it. I will share it as soon as I am finished, hopefully i will get it bound this week.

I thought I would have a wee bit of fun this morning by entering Kenny K's Krash Kittens Contest over at Bearly Mine Crafts, this is a chance to name one or more of the newest additions coming out at the end of November. Definitely much better than housework on a very wet monday morning.
So here is my list:-

  • A - Classy Chassie
  • B - Cheeky Cherry
  • C - Busty Bertha
  • D - Lasso Lassie
  • E - Racey Lady
  • F - Precious
  • G - Glam Gal Georgia
  • H -Hip Shakin' Sharon
  • I - Blaize Biker Babe
  • J - Jaunty Jaz or Bustin' to see ya!
  • K -Cheeky Chaps Gal
  • L - Flirty Fortuna

Well what are you waiting for ? Get over there and have a bit of a laugh and you never know you might win something wonderfull!

Hugs and a happy wet monday to you all!


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