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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Snow Snow Snow and more yep you've guessed it SNOW!!!

Well well well, the cold, wet, white stuff is here again, and I'm not talking about the milk;
although we could store the contents of the fridge outside, quite safely at the moment.
The kids have played in it. (their clothes, boots, etc etc are hanging in disarray around our house in testament to their exploits) Will(hubby) has finally put up the homemade bird house that the smallest members of our house designed, made and painted with daddy, last week. Strangely enough they were just in time, as the birds are now flocking to it on mass.
The pictures 1,2 & 3 are from our decking all taken within moments of eachother, and this explains why I have not taken any pics of my current cards as the light is so diffused and confused.
The last pic I took this morning whilst making some coffee for Will and I, from my kitchen window, it hasn't stopped snowing for long today and as I type it is snowing so fast the road has disappeared again in seconds, have only seen maybe 3 cars down/up it today, and one of those was our Jeep, checking neighbours had all that they needed, then doing a journey into town to collect varying produce from coal, papers and eggs to toothpaste.
Hope everyone is keeping warm indoors, and if not, enjoying their fun in the snow outside in the right clothing as no one wants frostbite this early in the season. (Good grief, I sound like my mum and for that matter of fact my gran eek!)
Well I'm off to go and sit by my lovely little pot belly stove, I shall have to move two cosy doggies if I want to get any where near it, but I'm sure they will scoosh up.
Hugs to you all and thanks for following, although after this little pile of musings you may not want to anymore!


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jenny said...

Fabulous photos Heidi :) The trees look so pretty.
We made it to Elgin and back (just!!) Wont be doing that again in a hurry!!

Keep warm and cosy x

Jenny xx