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Monday, 2 May 2011

Camping, Sun, Sea & lots and lots of fun!

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to say Hi! I have been away to the coast for a few days having lots of fun with my family and two mad dogs. We took our teepee to the tent site at Lossie and had a few sleepless nights. Frozen tent in the wee hours and very (alcoholic induced possibly) noisy neighbours. Well thats what you get when you go somewhere busy, guess next time we will head for more wild and empty spaces. (our faves anyway) although must say it was great seeing the kids playing in the sea and the sand for a change. We visited Granny, Don and Pepper (mad spaniel loved by my girls Bubbles and Magic) Ate Ice Cream, Pizza and crisps (now I have to attack the wii again to lose the extra weight) Hey ho story of my life!! So I will be visiting everyone again soon, sorry for neglecting you all so long. And for those in the know, Will is getting better albeit slowly from his appendicectomy and can now drive short distances and make his own coffee!!

Hugs to you all and thanks for following (even when I am boring you all with my family doings)

Heidi xx

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